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7 Years
Feb 28, 2014
Hanging into Texas
My hubby was planting winter wheat for his cattle last week and saved me some seed. We put together a 3 ft X 8 ft frame and put hardware cloth on the top. He took his garden tiller into the run and tilled the area on the south side of the run and we planted the wheat. When he started the tiller, the curious chickens flew up, then ran for the coop! We hauled the frame inside and put it over the planted area. We have since had to put cement patio blocks around the outside to keep them from digging under the frame to get at the extra seed we had scattered. We got 1/2" of rain yesterday and I can see some of it coming up. Here are a few pics:

The ladies are just starting to lay; we have gotten 3 little (3/4 size) eggs so far! They are so cute!
Those grazing frames should make for some happy hens when the wheat gets high enough! Congratulations on those first eggs also!
Thanks, Kelsie2290. The wheat is already coming's about an inch high and the chickens keep standing on the hard cloth and gazing at it! And I found another egg this afternoon, but not in the nest. It was laying on the coop floor between the pop door and the nest, like she was surprised and "didn't make it", LOL!

We are headed for Austin, TX, tomorrow to visit the youngest grandkids and will be there all week. We've got a friend coming to look after the animals, but I've got the chickens ready for the week with feed and water, oyster shell and grit. I have 5 gal feeder and 5 gal waterer (with the horizontal nipples). For 6 chickens, that will last a week. The friend will be checking on them, cleaning the poop deck and collecting any eggs. I hope they are all laying when I get back!

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