chicken getting in wrong nest


10 Years
Apr 10, 2009
i have two hens setting, but when they get down to eat and get a drink of water, they will get in a different nest. we have to go and move their eggs to where they are. is this normaland is there something we can do about this? does this mean they are young? please help with this problem.
It's normal and frustrating. I move my broody hens to a nursery area and lock them on the nest for three days. Then they only have the choice of one nest to return to, after taking care of their buisiness.
I would say they are not into it and you will probably be frustrated. Unless these are special eggs (bought for hatching), you might want to put out golf balls for awhile. Then when a hen is really into it (not abandoning the eggs), then put real eggs underneath.

Another possibility, is that other hens are forcing them out of the nests to lay their eggs. You can try moving them away from the places the other hens use.

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