Chicken Glossary of terms?


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He fellow Chickenheads... I made that up myself!

Does any know of/have a glossary of chicken terms.
As a 100% newbie I know SO little! I just learned today that the term for my baby chick (squeaking) is Peeing?
I LOVE this site and it is such a valueable tool, but would like to know some of the terms you more "seasoned" chickenheads use.

As always, ANY help is appreciated...

you wrote peeing. Welcome to the wonderful world of chicken people and funny mistakes.

A young female hen is a pullet, and young rooster is a cockeral. The red thing on their head is a comb.


There is a wonderful Poultry Publication and it always has two whole pages of chicken terms (glossary). I learn a new word every month. It is called Practical Poultry, from the UK. A very nice magazine, I get mine at Tractor Supply.

My favorite term: Chooks means chicks.

broody = hen who is wanting to set on her eggs, her demeanor changes, she growls, puffs up and her body temp goes up to hatch eggs.

pip = when the baby chick picks a tiny place from inside its shell,

zip = when the chick turns and pips, zipping the egg open

there are 100's of words in the chicken/poultry world. Have fun!

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