Chicken going blind? Please help!

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    My 8 week old BR chick(en) has a problem with her left eye. Most of the time she keeps it closed (the other one open), but when she does open it I can see that it is cloudy. She lives with 5 other chick(en)s, so I think maybe it could be caused by a peck to the eye?

    Is she going blind? How can I help her? Is it a sickness? If it is, will it spread to the other eye or the other chickens?

    Also, her other eye (the "good eye") has a problem. It looks as if it has been "turned" in the socket, revealing flesh. Is this normal? None of the other chick(en)s have this!

    Please help!


    Left eye

    Right eye (2 different angles)

    I couldn't get a picture of her left eye open yet (she refused to open it). I'll try to get that later.

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    Can you take her to a vet?

    Try flushing the eye that she is keeping closed with saline, just to make sure there is no debris in it.
    Provide her with some poultry vitamins that contain Vitamin A and E to see if there is any improvement. It's so hard to know what's going on with the eyes unless there is an obvious wound or other symptoms of disease.

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