chicken gone


9 Years
Sep 21, 2010
Eden Utah
well its been awhile since i asked for your help with my chicken! she was the 3rd one to get sick. she had a dead smell coming from her face and icky cheezy stuff in her nostrils. I tried to scrape the stuff out for a few days, it would always return by the next day. She was active and ate well, and i gave her a shot of antibiotic. She didnt seem to be getting better, the symptoms were the same. I am really sorry to say I finially gave up and culled her:( I really felt guilty but I have 10 other chickens and didnt want her to infect them all. I really thing she had coryza from reading the forum. I now have a pullet that is small (hatched in May) and has the sneezes. I have given her an antiobiotic shot twice 2 weeks apart and had antibiotic in the water for 10 days. I cant seem to clear up her sneezes and weezy breathing. No death smell or rotten nostrils soooooo now what?? she seems to be a happy chick and enjoys bug catching. I do worry, i fear my whole flock will dwindle one by one!
I don't claim to know anything, but here goes. I'd listen to the pullet, like hold her body at your ear and see if you hear rattling as she breathes. I think there is something called Vet RX for respritory illness.

Sorry about your other chicken, sounds like maybe she had sour crop? I don't know what Coryza is???

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