Chicken got butt eaten off

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  1. Ok so the puppy escaped 'prison' and managed to eat off my hens butt. Gah. I'm washing her with a betadine water solution, other then that, clueless.
    I think I may have to change her name from Joey to Rumpy, lol
    She's preening a bit, but it seems like she's trying to taste her blood...
    Alert, and seems pretty well. Panting. Seems most of the damage was feather loss.
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    Poor thing! If you can you should definitely bandage it.
  4. I have some wound wash I used on my head when I cut it, would that be ok on her? She's eating a bit, but not much. Alert though
    I don't have any bandages, but Im keeping her inside.
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    After washing with the betadine, put some neosporin or polysporin ointment on it. No dressing. Keep her from getting pecked by putting her in a dog or cat crate, and leave her in with the other chickens for comfort. If she isn't in too much shock she should be fine. Give her some scrambled chopped eggs and pamper her a bit. In a few days if you can get some BluKote to spray her butt blue so she won't be pecked that would be good.
  6. Is the stuff w/ pain relief ok? We don't have any w/o it /:
  7. It doesn't mention 'Caine' (what I heard is toxic to birds) but would it be ok if I put Vaseline instead?
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    Vasaline would be fine. Make sure she gets plenty of vitamins and protein, elecrolytes and lots of water.

    The hard part is to keep infection out without her bandages sticking to her. As long as her abdomen is not punctured, she might make it, but if her abdomen is punctured, she is going to need some really strong antibiotics. If bacteria from the puppies mouth gets into her body cavity, it could cause her serious trouble.

    Boil water and cool it to room temperature whenever you clean her. Boil any rags or towels you use as well. Sanitation is tantamount.

    Get as much blood off of her as possible. You can use Bluecote from any feed store, but dont get it into any really deep wounds.

    Keep us updated on her! [​IMG]


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    You could put warm water on a cloth......
  10. Ok, will do. I just rinsed her off with saline wash, does that work as well as boiled water?
    We're going out of town for the weekend, so I guess our neighbor is gonna have to baby this girl.
    Should I put the electrolytes in the water or on her food? She's not eating nor drinking, but my mom wanted her outside and she seems to have perked up.
    After I put the saline on, the Vaseline wouldn't stick to her skin. It smeared around but NONE stayed on her skin.
    Thanks so much, if I gave her Antibiotics what would I give her? Is there something I could give her that'd help prevent bacterial infections?
    Thanks so much, again

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