Chicken got injured by a raccoon and she looks like she's sick now


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Dec 3, 2014

So a raccoon attacked my hens a few weeks back, killed one, and almost killed another. The one the raccoon failed to kill had its back feathers ripped off and one of her legs got injured. So I've been treating her for the past few weeks and she looked like she was getting better then one day I guess my little brother put her up on one of the higher platforms in the chicken coop and she flew down and her foot got injured even more. So when she tries to walk she hops around on one leg. I'm not sure if her leg is broken or not. She also has been acting kinda depressed ish I'm not sure but if she sees food she'll eat it and then will stop eating after 5 minutes. Her back has been healing and all but her leg has gotten worse since the incident with my brother. Last night I tucked her into a box and make her comfy. This morning when I went to go check on her I noticed that she had a bright green poop! Not sure what that's supposed to mean if she has an infection or not I'm not sure. I did put medicine on her back for a few a weeks then stopped when her feathers started to grow back. I'm not sure if that's how bacteria got in her or if she even had bacteria. So please someone advise me what the problem is with her. I do have a few photos. (Note: her crown may make her look sick but her crown is naturally droopy)
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