Chicken gurgling when breathing and lethargic

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    Apr 5, 2014
    My chicken is going through what I thought was her molting process for several weeks now. Today I found her very lethargic and panting in my yard. I brought her inside and noticed within a short time she started having a gurgling sound when she breathes and she sneezes some. She doesn't have any discharge from nostrils or eyes. She is not eating or drinking and hasn't all day. I even offered her a crushed hard boiled egg and she won't even glance at it. She is unable to have any control long enough to stand without falling back down. I went ahead and gave her .5cc of Tylan subcutaneously and have been dropping water with electrolyte mix on the tip of her beak and she seems to be swallowing that fine. I am at a loss for what's going on with her. Am I too late to help this sweet baby? I'm new to raising chickens so Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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