Chicken had impacted crop that resolved now no crop


Jun 4, 2020
Well done on getting your girl to eat, although not sure that will be the easiest to digest with a bad crop. Then again, I have been feeding all sorts to our poorly hen to get her to eat! She started eating again after gaining some energy from Vetark Critical Care Formula - not sure if you can get that easily there? It's a powder with glucose and proteins which you mix with water. Other things our sick hens seem to like: scrambled egg or their food as a mash (which you've already tried), fish (salmon or tuna are hits, but not salty!), squashed garden peas, grated carrot, oatmeal (I mixed some grit into it to get her to eat some to aid digestion). Not sure if you could try any of those things perhaps? I've also been adding olive oil to help movement through the crop.
Boy did she like peas!!!

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