Chicken has a cold???

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    This morning when I picked up one of my almost 3 week old chicks it sounds almost like she has a cold. I can hear what sounds like mucus up her nose when she breathes. She also keeps sneezing. It's hasn't been cold here at all and they have access to a warm area at 25-30degrees (celcuis) in the brooder. Any ideas? This is my first chickies
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    Make sure that there is no dust or ammonia smell in the brooder, since that can cause sneezing. Keep the litter clean by adding fresh shavings every day. Keep them warm since respiratory diseases can cause chills. Watch for any swelling of the face or eyes, or eye bubbles. If any of those occur you might want to start an antibiotic in their water such as oxytetracycline, erythromycin, or Tylan.

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