Chicken has bad foot.

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    One of my hens lost a toenail and has been limping on that leg all spring. The problem is she is mean, she actually will grab my glove and hang on and shake her head. Even if I get her from behind she turns around and bites, growels, hisses, cackles, you name it. She will even flap her wings and twist out of my hands. I can't catch her unless she's in her box. I can tell she's in pain but she's not going to let me treat her. Any suggestions. I can't tell why she lost her nail or if it broke off. It looks a little swollen but doesn't look infected.

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    You can try waiting until she is roosting at night, gently wrap her in towel and take her off the roost. Chickens can't see well at night, so she may be easier to handle.

    If you can, keep her wings/main body loosely wrapped in the towel and then soak the feet in a warm epsom salt bath - fill a dish pan half-way, stand her in it, let her feet soak for about 10mins, then take a soft brush and gently clean the feet, this helps you see if there are any injuries, cuts, bruises, swelling, infection, etc., that you may need to treat.

    Photos will be helpful if you see a problem.

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