Chicken has Canker and is not eating! HELP!!


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Jul 8, 2022
so I have a rooster that we bought from a seller a week ago and started showing symptoms for canker. Well the diagnosis was correct(so no fowl pox) and we got the medicine a little late. By the time we had gotten the medicine(Ronidazole 10%) he was in the later stages of canker. We went ahead and removed lesions from his tongue, side of his cheek, and top mouth. We administered the medicated water and he seems to drink it. Although he walks but is very lethargic he seems to be somewhat comfortable. Although he does not eat and I’m afraid that he’s going to die because of starvation than canker. Any tips or ideas anything is good at this point( I forgot to mention he refuses meal worms, treats, and feed).


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Your rooster is overloaded with the protozoa that causes canker. It's possible there are lesions in his esophagus and/or crop preventing him from eating/swallowing feed.
You can mix feed with the Ronidazole water mixture, and tube feed him if you wish.
Keep in mind that canker is spread via waterers and feeders. You will have to permanently keep him away from other birds' feeders and waterers or risk infecting your flock.
It would be in your best interest to cull him and bury him far way from your other birds.
Remember biosecurity.

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