Chicken hasen't walked in 6 days! Please Help!

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    Aug 1, 2009
    Our favorite chicken somehow got a injury out in out backyard. My husband noticed her digging a little hole up against our above ground pool and then the other older chcken pecking at her, which was very unusual. (SHe's at the top of the
    pecking chain since she's the biggest) Hubby took her inside to look and noticed a cut on her right leg so we washed it off and put ointment on it. I have had 2 ladies that have had expierence with chickens over, and they say the leg
    is not broken, but it's swollen. She wimpers(sometimes) when we try to pick her up and move her leg. She does try to move towards her food sometimes by flapping her wings and sometimes to get in a new position. She does not grip with the injured leg. The second person that came over said she may of had a stroke and asked where we got her. I told her the feed store and she told me where they order the chicks from and said they are bottom of the line chicks and many have dropped dead at 8 months and up for no aparent reason. Bad genes I guess. Wish I knew before hand. Anyways, she's eating good and is happy in the middle of our living room floor sitting on a towel. Any idea how long we
    should expect this to go on? My husaband said since we only paid $3.00 for her he didn't want to run up a huge vet bill. We have a autistic child we spend alot of money on evey month. But he's also attched to her and thinks it's now normal for Janell to sit in the middle of the living room. Any help would be appreaciated

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    Separate her to a place that limits movement and set her feed and water close so she doesnt have to walk to get to it.

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