Chicken hatched with abnormal vent


Apr 29, 2020
I have a Bielefelder female that hatched yesterday and had some problems with its abdomen/navel not being completely healed. I separated it into a little ICU unit it’s abdomen appears to be healing well however I checked it’s vent this morning see there’s just a pinhole opening. Has anybody experienced this? Did it resolve itself? I’m wondering if this chick is a lost cause and I should go ahead and call it sooner rather than later. It’s absolutely beautiful and larger in size and most of the other chicks.
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Apr 26, 2014
Cleveland, Texas
That's not good. And does it strain when defecating?
Ok you others tell me this because I actually don't know. If vent seems clogged and small how about using a clean wet cotton stick (swab) add olive oil and just use it to go around the opening to give some stimulation and maybe chick vent opens up and it begins going. I would also gently dab chicks beak into shallow water while its in standing position to encouraging it to take in more water. I've had chicks hatch that don't seem to know to drink. I've done this dabbling beaks into shallow water and chicks afterward begin to get it and go after the water then on their own. Is that decent advice for the problem or not? New chicks are so volerable I just hate to give feedback and it go wrong. But I've done this before with moderate success.😞 I never know. I got a chick hatched this morning not doing good. Depressing. Other 15 eggs all should have hatched yesterday.

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