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May 26, 2020

Is this chicken house good enough quality for my 2 Australorp hens? There is enough room for both of them. However there are no roosting perches, and this is also the place where they lay their eggs. The bedding is shredded paper and newspaper and is changed weekly. It used to be an old worn out wooden dog house. There is no door to it and there is no ladder for them to climb up with. They jump when they need to sleep, the flooring of the coop is plain dirt. My chickens seem to be fine with it but I want other peoples opinion of it. Thanks
The size just looking at the picture seems OK for two. But it's hard to tail size from pictures. Purchase I would really want to find someway to add IMO. And I would fear if they're sleeping in there and walking in their eggs would get broken or dirty Depending on your climate and your run I guess not having a door is OK as long as their predetor proofed in other ways. But really if your chickens are happy and healthy with it that's all that really matters in the end right?
I'm sure it's fine for 2 but I'd personally want a door to close for security, and also I wouldn't want my chickens sleeping/pooping right into the area that also serves as the nest box. I want clean eggs!
Its a question of how defective equals inadequate. What fsults can you snd more importantly the chickens live with.

If it provides adequate space and a dry, safe place to sleep then its technically adequate.
Does it have short comings and is in need of improvement, absolutely.

Is this a short term solution until better quarters are provided or is this going to be long term housing? Short term, its fine. Long term, you may want to consider some upgrades.

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