Chicken ill and air filled crop


9 Years
May 9, 2010
Hi everyone,

One of my chickens been ill :(
She has been less active for a while but was still eating.
Now since about 4 days she barely ate anything. Yesterday she ate some applesauce, rice and mashed eggs and 4 worms. But not much of it, very little. So she is becomming more and more skinny.

Also she had blood in her diarrhea twice.

We ofcourse went to the vet, but they didnt immediatly knew what was wrong. They gave me antibiotics (baytril) and a worm medicine.

Other symptoms are:
She shakes her head sometimes
Scracthes her head
Sometimes does her neck to the side when she wants to drink:
She drinks but almost doesn't eat.
Its day 4 of her baytril medicine
She also makes a mopvement with her tongue in her mouth as if shes licking off food

Her crop since 2 days ago when I felt it, feels full of air. Its not overly big, but when ifeel it, it feels really full of air. I massage it sometimes, never felt anything stuck in it, I dont feel grains, I dont feel any lumps...

Also, about 2 weeks ago she was sick for 1 day and when she pood, 3 times these flesh colored lumps came with it.

I hope someone can help me more than my vet can, because they dont know much about birds and chickens. They said that if it doesnt pass, they will have to do surgery on her.
But, its weekend, and I am worried she might starve to death.
I decided to go to an avian vet, it was a far drive but I really wanted to help her.
She had to be put to sleep :(
he saw nothing in her stools and such, and the best decision was to let her die.

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