Chicken in D.E. Can!!!


9 Years
May 15, 2010
This afternoon my son was in the coop/run (get this...shooting mice with his bow...) I have a large aluminum can filled with D.E. He opened it to see what was in it. He didn't close the lid well.. This must have been around 3pm or so.. It's 8pm and I'm home and go out to put the chickens away and cannot find one. I see the lid is ajar and find here inside the pail, covered in white from head to toe. She's normally all black. I take her out, she shakes and shakes. I make her drink some water. She runs to the food dish.

IS SHE GOING TO BE OK??? Could she have some problems because of this exposure? HELP! I'm worried. Is there anything else I should do for her??

IMO I'd watch her carefully, she may be just fine, but I think it can cause respiratory issues. I'd move the can away from the coop.
Watch for any breathing issues. Other than that I can't think of any complications. Hope everything turns out ok!
Sorry I'm not more help. Post again if you don't get a helpful response soon.
Supposedly the only danger would be if she inhaled a lot as it can damage lungs. It seems, however, that nothing is too certain about DE.

Sorry this happened to you. I had one die in an opened hay bale once. I never knew whether she just went there to die from some unknown cause, or climbed on it, fell in and suffocated. Lots of us have had such stuff happen to us. Don't beat yourself up.

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