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    May 22, 2011
    I have approx 15 chickens in a coop. There is plenty of room in the coop and most of the time free range, plenty of food and water. I understand the pecking order. I have a variety of chicken breeds however I have an issue with 4 black star sex links who are trying to kill one of my Rhoda island red chicken. To the point she was bleeding all over, trampled on, missing feathers on her head, breast, and wings. (bloody mess). I rescued her and put her into quarantine until she healed. She's now laying again. However when I let her out with the flock the bullying 4 attack her and continue to try to kill her. No problem with any other chickens. What should I do? I'm bringing up some chicks now and will eventually have to incorporate them into the flock. Never had any problem with this until I incorporated the bullying 4 last year into flock. Any suggestions? Any advice would be helpful. Like I said, plenty of room, nesting boxes, sq ft, food/water. Just concerned

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    This is just me, but if the problem started when you got those four either you need to separate those four or if you can't do that I would sell them or whatever to relocate them before they kill one of your other birds. You have to think about the welfare of your other birds and what is best for the whole. It may be that one of them is the leader and is inciting the others to violence. If you can figure out which one it is you may be able to just lose that one and it will stop.
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    I agree. Since the problems began when those 4 moved in, it sounds like they need to be removed. Either to their own separate housing/yard or an entirely new home.

    I have been lucky when introducing birds so far, but I have access to another coop if I do need to create separate flocks. Since we will be raising some to butcher this year the ones with a bad attitude would be at the top of my list.

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