Chicken in shock after dog attack - what do I do now?

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    Nov 29, 2014
    Hiya - we have 4 hens, and had some visiting dogs for Thanksgiving this weekend. The hens were in their coop, but when my 5 year old went to collect eggs, one jumped out of the nesting box to the yard and the dogs got a hold of her for a split second before my husband heard the commotion and rescued her. She has no puncture wounds that I could see, but she won't stand up - just laying on her side.

    By reading on some of the forums it seemed the best course of action was to keep her separated, warm, and dark. So she's in a box wrapped in a towel (she can get out if she wanted to). She's taking water via syringe every few hours, but not eating, and not getting up.

    My big questions are - first, how do I clean her off? She has pooped a few times, and it's just sticking to her feathers. I tried wiping it with a wet paper towel, but that didn't work too well. second - *is* keeping her separated from the other three the best thing to do? Or should I put her back in the coop (with or without the box).


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    Welcome to BYC. She may have internal injuries if she is on her side. I would unwrap her and leave her uncovered in a cage inside the house for warmth. I would offer her some electrolytes as often as possible and let her rest. I would leave her separate from the others until she is better, but any wounds would have to be healed or covered. Does she have any injuries to the skin? If so they can be cleaned with betadine or hibiclens, then dried, and an antibiotic ointment applied.

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