chicken in shock?

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    May 16, 2013

    I own one chicken. She is a sex sal link, or ISA brown hen. She is around nine months old, but she has begun laying. Today, I came back from work and my mom had let her out to just free range. I noticed her not making as much noise and was very quiet. She didn't protest me picking her up as much. Her eyes are very dilated. My mom says that when she let her out of the pen, she was acting sort of weird too. She grazed for a bit until after a while, she just stopped doing anything and just stood there. Her wings sort of drooped and were spread out, touching the ground. She didn't do anything until she laid a soft egg. Then, she laid another one. She already laid a hard shelled egg this morning. She was quiet after that. I don't know what happened. Since it was getting dark, I brought her inside and set everything up for her. It's warmer inside, and she seemed better a bit. She made a bit more noise. But I still don't know what happened. our neighbor has a dog, that once escaped and surprised the chicken. But she soon forgot about it. It wasnt like this. Is this a sign of shock? Thanks.
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    it sounds to me like shes getting egg bound. give her some calcium (pills from walmart is ok). some people say to spray the feed with a light coat of vegetable oil.

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