Chicken inbreeding?


6 Years
Apr 8, 2013
I have a flock of golden comets and a rhode island red roo. I hatched a bunch of replacement pullets from this mix. Now my roo has lost his mind and his main goal in life is to attack my kids. I'm hatching some more of his fertilized eggs before I get rid of him. My question is can I keep on of his sons as my replacement roo since he will be breeding to his mom and his sisters? I plan to keep hatching my own every year and would like to use my own roosters but I dont want 4 legged chickens with 3 eyes that crow and lay eggs.
I've also heard the 3 generation thing. From what I've read, they say inbreeding isn't so bad with chickens the way it is with people and a lot of breeders breed within their lines to get the genes, feather patterns, size, etc. they want. You should be fine breeding him with the others.
Look up "line breeding."

Spend the time and read all of the threads- the knowledge amassed there is amazing. You can breed mother to son, father to daughter, grandkids to those grandparents... just avoid bro-sis pairings (very last resort.). Just hatch enough feet on the ground to make sure you choose a roo with the best qualities you desire, and cull or resell/ rehome the rest.

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