Chicken injured leg when in flight landing into a large rock.

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    May 25, 2015
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    I saw my Dominique misjudge her flight path and ran into a rock while landing. She has been limping for over a week but is able to put some weight on this leg. Any ideas on how long a sprain could last and if I should expect it to heal without a visit to a vet. She seems to be able to get around and up and down on her roosting bar.
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    Bad sprains or broken legs can take several weeks to heal. The more she could rest it by confining her, the quicker it may heal. I had a hen with a sprain who limped and held up her injured leg for 4-5 weeks before she got well, and since she got to food and roosted without a problem, I left her alone. Can you feel any swelling or see any bruising in her leg?
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    My hen recently injured her leg. From my own examination, it's not broken her...errr toes? are fine as well. It just her ankle. It slightly swollen, no discoloration or temperature difference from her other foot so I'm also ruling out infection of any sorts. I have confined her to her run and coop. She's a one hen flock so I'm confident this will be ok. Would bringing her in at night since its getting colder help ease her joint pain? I am going to check her again when I get home and most likely take her to the vet to get inflammation/pain management treatment. I am very new to chickens. Do you feel my plan of action is good or am I being a crazy chicken lady?
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