Chicken is just hanging out in nesting box but not broody


Apr 11, 2016
I have a chicken, not sure on age, might be 2 and she is a bard bantam. Recently she has taken to sitting in the nesting boxes and staying there. I have had broody chickens before and she is not broody. She gets up to eat and drink and comes out if she knows there is a treat being given but other then that she sits in her box.
She doesn't appear ill, I don't think she is egg bound but I am going to examine her a bit tonight.
Are you sure she isn't broody? What makes you think she isn't? My broodies do the same thing - in the box except to eat and drink or to come get treats if I'm doling them out.
I agree with previous reply. Some broody hens come off the nest more than others.
I have a Bantam Cochin and she's notoriously broody. At least once a month she goes on a two week stretch of "nesting box and chill." She comes out to eat and drink, even hangs out with the flock mates to free range when I open the pen. After rec time is over she goes straight to the nesting box and gives me hell if I try to remove her.
She may just be thinking about going broody at this point...full on broody could be imminent.
Is she being picked on and hiding out?

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