Chicken is losing feathers on chest and rear


5 Years
Apr 19, 2014
My chicken has lost all of it's feathers on its chest and it is not spreading to it's rear. I have checked for mites but there is are not any visible mites. Should I still treat with Sevin dust or is there a different treatment I need to do?

Welcome to BYC. How old is your chicken? If your chicken has been laying eggs, she might be turning broody (wanting to hatch some.) They will pull out feathers to sit on a clutch of eggs. If she isn't broody I would watch for a feather picker, and look very closely around and under the vent for lice or mites and their eggs. Here is what to look for:
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She is one year old. She is still laying well and doesn't seem to be spending too much time in the laying box.
Do you have any roosters? One time I had two roosters, not trying to breed, hurting the other chickens. They would always pluck at their feathers or peck them in the face. Roosters may be doing it or. Is your chicken fat or just lazy. Is the ground that it sits on dirty? because once there was this chicken,fatty, who would always sit because he was so fat he only walked to get more food. We'll anyways, he was so fat his feathers weren't really stretching out too far because he was fat. Also stressed from the other roosters. (He turned out to be a rooster) when chickens are stressed they will also loose feathers. So I got rid of the roosters. Well the redness of no feathers got infected from the ground so I started cleaning the ground allot more often and rinsed him off and he got better. Maybe your chicken is just stressed or, I doubt, has a disease. If you have enough money get it checked out ny the vet and see what they can do. If not go to a neighbor that knows a good amount of information about chickens. see what they can do. Wish you the best of luck
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