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    A couple days ago, I found my 4.5 year old Gold Star sitting in the lowest roost, all droopy and sad looking. I've had several chickens from her "batch" die from old age recently, and I figured that's what was happening so I separated her and made her as comfortable as possible for her passing, fully expecting her to be gone by the morning after I found her. However, she is still hanging on to life - which is probably not a good thing.
    She is laying there, beak on the ground, wings drooping. And she keeps on "spasming", like she is having a seizure. She will twitch, and push her head into the ground, and then lie still. I keep on expecting her to die soon, but she just won't. She will drink if I help her, but she hasn't been eating. When she isn't spasming/sleeping, she is alert. If I touch her she will look at me.
    I noticed that her underside was getting dirty from sitting in one place, so I gave her a warm bath and cleaned her up, and clipped away some of her vent feathers to help keep her clean. I looked for any sort of abnormality - any growth, lumps, squishiness, etc. but found nothing. Out of curiosity, I flexed her wings/legs to see if she any control of them. Her left side is basically non-responsive - she has no control over her toes or lower leg, still has a little over her upper leg/thigh. Her left wing does nothing. Her right side is more "tight", and is where most of the spasming is happening. Her right toes are limp/non-responsive.
    So, all that to it worth trying to get her better? I have no clue what this could be. (She has CRD, but I don't know if that's related or not.) I am all for helping her get better if we can, but I also know it might be wisest to just put her out of her misery. Any thoughts on which would be better?
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    Sad to hear about your hen. [​IMG]But from reading your post I personally think the humane thing would be to cull her in a couple days if she does not bounce back.

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