Chicken issues


May 11, 2015
Hello all-

I am new to this site and the fun of backyard chickens. I recently purchased what was thought to be two buff orpington female chicks from an individual. I believe one is actually a rooster and the other seems to have issues with her feathers. Can someone offer some advice on these chicks. They are both 5 weeks old.
the picture is bad...they def aren't white...they are more yellow...more concerned with the feathering issue and if the one with a big comb is a roo
The one with the large comb is a cockerel. Does the other have green legs? Can't tell on my phone. That one's feathers don't look too odd.
Orpingtons of any color have pink feet. The one with a big comb is a cockerel. The one in back looks like it might have a pea comb, so it's probably an easter egger. Easter Egger cockerels can take longer to feather than other breeds.
Here are some close up shots of its comb...really need to know if it is a girl or boy?


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