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  1. My chicken named Feathers used to be so aggressive to humans and pecked at our legs, but her behavior has been changing. Her pecks got lighter and sometimes she never even pecked at us. The problem is, my other hens have been bullying her and pecking at her often. Not really hard though, they just pecked. As I looked out my window, Feathers was just sitting there, and my chicken pecked her. So I came outside. Her tail was puffed up like in this picture, (it is Feathers.) what does this mean? She's been standing there for a long time and didn't move, she was just blinking. Every few minutes she moving around and pecked, then she stood again. I came outside and started guarding her, and barking at the other hens like a dog, (because they are scared of dogs) whenever they approached her. Why is Feathers standing there? Please reply.[​IMG]
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    If she's not moving much for a long time (hours?) she may be lii. Look for obvious wounds, lice, mite, at her vent, and see if anything looks off. Then either give her special semi-private housing, or take her to a poultry vet (if she's a pet). Mary
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    I would isolate her in a wire dog crate, to both observe and protect her.

    Is she eating and drinking and pooping ok?

    I had that same behavior in a newly laying pullet last summer, she stood around for a couple hours, laid a softshell egg on the floor, then went merrily on her way acting normal again....that soft egg must have felt strange.
  4. She did lay a few eggs, but it was just the yolk.
  5. She did lay a few eggs, but it was just the yolk.
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    Are you describing a soft-shell egg? Can you tell us what it looked like? Was it more like a water balloon? Or did you find a broken yolk? Did you see her pass it?

    She may well be suffering from an infection of her egg laying parts. You might start thinking about treating her with a round of antibiotics if she continues to stand around acting poorly.
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    My 4 month Black and White Polish Pullet named Hello Dolly one of 7 hens, was stunned yesterday. She would just stand in place. Then bolt off when I'd try to pick her up and then stand. I picked her up easily, that's not normal. I thought she was sick and brought her in the house and kept her in all night. I took strawberry yogurt and hand fed her and then diluted it with water used a squirt bottle to feed her the rest prying her mouth open . This morning, she had pooped and jumped up on my arm and then shoulder and was so happy and chatty. I put her out with the other girls, there are 7 in this group and all that chatting they were so happy to have her back..I have no idea what was wrong with her.

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