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Nov 28, 2012
Just had an idea from a website. I'd like a to make a coop door for my tractor that would dump chickens out into a long tunnel/run say about 25ft long that I could move from row to row in my garden and no more back breaking weeding....:) My question is, with only 3-4 chickens in there to cut down the weeks, would I have a problem with burning my garden plants such as corn, beans, and peas if the narrow run was laid between each row?
I have never had an issue with "burning". However too much nitrogen will cause some plants to grow a lot of greenery and too little fruit. For example, tomatoes will grow thick, bushy, green plants but set very few fruit.

I've seen what you're describing with the tunnels, in the latest issue of Mother Earth News Magazine. It looks like a neat idea for getting them scratching and fertilizing only where you want them to.

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