Chicken laying only a yolk


8 Years
Aug 21, 2011
West Fork
I have eleven chickens total: 7 hens, two of whom are currently molting, two who have already molted, and three who are laying sporadically due to the season. Then I have 4 Welsummers who are 30 weeks. Only one of them is laying and she has been laying regularly about 4 eggs a week for the last month. Yesterday and today, I found a shell-less egg in one of the nest boxes. When hens who have molted return to laying, does it take them a while to start again? Could these eggs be from one of those two? or is it possible I have another Welsummer beginning to lay and she just hasn't figured things out yet?
I'll help you out... all of the above. When any pullet or hen starts to lay they may have to adjust the settings on the line. And when when they are coming out of molt the feather growth is just one part of it they also have to rebuild themselves from their previous laying and growing the new feathers so they can take a couple of more weeks to do that after the feathers are back in.
I had a feeling that might be the answer. The only Welsummer who is laying has been very good: all of her eggs have been perfectly formed, hard shells and in the nest box from the first one. I know that eggs vary from one chicken to the next. I have seen one of our older girls who molted in September in the nest box, so I expect it is her. Thanks for your help.

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