Chicken laying very still, clear liquid coming from beak, diahrrea,


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Feb 24, 2010
I'm a new chicken owner and one of my hens is exhibiting the above symptoms. She was fine yesterday evening when we bedded them down, but my husband fed them a banana for the first time since we've owned them. The rest of the flock, 7 hens and two roosters are showing no signs of distress or illness. I have separated her from the rest of the flock in case it is contagious. What should I be doing or looking for? Any suggestions as to the cause? Has anyone else experienced this?
OH, good job separating her. Let me ask will she eat or drink? If not, maybe you could use an eye dropper and get some water with electrolites and some antibiotics into her.
My chicken died about 15 mins ago. She just got weaker and weaker with no response to touch or anything. I still cannot see any outward sign of a problem and I'm watching the rest of the flock for any symptoms like Katie's. Could there have been a problem with her laying? She was up in the nesting boxes this morning and that's the first time I've seen her up there. I hadn't gotten an egg from her yet.....
Sorry for your loss.

Banana as a treat didn't cause this. Almost sounds like some kind of poison (plant or something else she found?) from your brief description, but obviously cannot diagnose based on the limited info. You should obviously keep a close eye on everyone else. Check out the symptoms sticky at the top of the Emergencies and Diseases page to post more info if another one gets sick.
Thank you so much for your replies! Still no definite diagnosis but many "aviary pneumonia or cold" suggestions. I am getting antibiotics for their water tomorrow. From what I understand this is the cold season for fowl....So much to learn but I'm loving it! The rest of the flock looks real good. No more symptoms from any of the others thank goodness. I cried like a baby over Katie!
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