Chicken lays egg that has blood on the shell

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May 1, 2015
My chicken is one year old and is inconsistent with her egg laying. Sometimes she goes several days without laying an egg. Her eggs are rough when she hasn't laid and sometimes have bloody streaks on them. Her vent looks fine, but she has poop stuck to her feathers below the vent and it looks like other liquid is stuck there too. Her eggs are very light in color when she has problems and are thin shelled. Today her egg was out in the pen and not in the nest. First time for that.
I'm curious what breed she is.

If she is a hybrid layer (like a sex-link), sometimes their reproductive systems have faults due to the hybridization attempts to make them super-layers.

Also, has it been cold where you are? That can sometimes make a chicken tense as she's passing an egg and rip the delicate membranes inside her, which are lined with blood vessels.

Hemorrhoids can also cause bleeding.

Is she getting oyster shells free-choice?

Also, when was the last time you wormed your flock?

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Not sure what breed she is as we bought six and they were listed as pullets and nothing else. They get oyster shell if they want it from a free hanging feeder. All the rest lay normal eggs. I put her on Tylan for the watery diarrhea and that has stopped that. I also isolated her from the others and she is doing better but no eggs. I also added electrolytes to her water.
Tylan treats respiratory infections.

You might want to get some Neomycin to treat what I suspect might be an E. coli infection. Unsure of the dosage, though, and am limited on my phone... I'm sure you can Google it.


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