Chicken leg bands...need advice!

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by cchardwick, Sep 15, 2012.

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    Well I have chickens again this year, 18 hens and a rooster. I'm planning on incubating some eggs on Monday and will have another round of birds. I was thinking of banding them to keep track of the age of the birds since they will all free range and I'll slowly replace my flock over the years. Has anyone used leg bands to track the age of their birds? I found some 'spiral' leg bands on '' and they seem pretty cheap, about $30 for 200 bands, 50 of each color. I was also thinking about custom imprinted bands in case any of my birds got away, something with my name and address on them. I found these aluminum ones but they don't seem to have different colors, so maybe I could use both the aluminum and spiral bands, perhaps one on each leg? Unlessl someone knows of colored bands with addresses on them? Looks like I need special pliers for the aluminum ones and the pliers don't seem to be on that website... Not sure how resusable they will be after using pliers to put them on and take them off. Perhaps the spiral ones are the best way to go... Does anyone have experince using bands to manage their flock?

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    You can use colored zip ties as leg bands. They are cheap, easy to put on, and easy to cut off.
    When the bird(s) outgrow the current band, just cut it off and relplace it with a new one.

    Just keep a book and write down the info relating to the color of the zip tie you put on.

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