Chicken legs not working


5 Years
May 6, 2014
Southern, Maine
My 6 month old Welsummer's legs aren't working. The past few days she's been constantly squatting like she wants a rooster. Yesterday and today she's been hiding behind things. I hand fed her and gave her water. She ate and drank a lot. We brought her inside and her legs are bent at her elbows so she's walking on her forearms. Could she be dehydrated and snap out of this when she rehydrated? I took a pic but can't figure out how to upload it from my iPhone. Please help!
If you gently pull her leg, does she appear to be in pain? Have you noticed any other changes? Changes in eating, drinking, pooping? Could she have been attacked by a dog or something?

It could possibly be a matter of dehydration. Give her some electrolytes, keep her isolated so that she can re cooperate without added stress of maintaining her place in the pecking order and possibly spread disease. You said she is eating and drinking on her own, that is a really good sign. Please keep me posted:)
Walking on hocks can be a sign of riboflavin deficiency. Can you give her some vitamin B complex ground up in her food, or start some poultry vitamins containing B2 (riboflavin) in her water? Do her toes curl under shen she is lying down? Was she vaccinated for Mareks disease?
Have you added any new chickens to the flock recently? I've heard of cases where vaccinated chicks were added to the flock and gave the unvaccinated existing birds the actual virus.

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