Chicken Limping Badly


May 22, 2020
One of my chickens (Buttercup) was limping this morning, I haven't noticed it before. She likes to sit on the perch above the other chickens, so I thought maybe she hurt herself getting down?? Please help i'm worried about her :hit
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Look at the bottom of her foot pad for any scabs that look like bumblefoot. It may be a sprain from jumping or being jumped on. A bad injury might cause swelling of the joints, green bruising, or a break in the skin. You may want to limit her activity inside a dog crate or pen with food and water, but keep her with the other chickens for her comfort.
Just a question- will a broken, sprained leg be easier to treat than bumblefoot? Of course I don't want any of them happening, but which can I take care of easily?

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