chicken limping. Update


13 Years
Jul 10, 2010
Stonington, illinois
Tonight when I went to clean the coop after work and make sure everyone had clean food and water I noticed when I let everyone out to run in the yard for awhile that one of my hens is limping. her foot kinda drags with the toes curling under. She does straighten it when she stops, but when she is walking or running thats what happens. I dont see any cuts and her foot doesnt look swollen or red. I cleaned her foot as best as I could for now and put her inside oin a cage so she isnt moving around alot. She is eating drinking fine was even trying to scratch for bugs when she was outside. She is not happy with me right now cause she stuck in the cage. She is standing not sitting or laying down she acts just fine except for the limp. Yesterday when I went out to feed them one of them was behind the door and the door hit her when I opened it. Now I am wondering if it was her and maybe the door opened on her foot and made it sore. I will take her to the vet if it doesnt get better really fast. In the meantime what would be good to give her? maybe electrolye/vitamins? Egg? Any suggestions would be appreicated.
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all the above would be good, to help boost her immune to get back in shape again. you might soak her foot and leg in some warm water with epsom salt in it since you have her inside. just don't let her drink any. She could have been the one for sure since everyone else is acting fine. good luck and hopefully a couple days rest and she'll be back with her flock mates doing what chickens do. Keep us updated on her please. I just about closed a couple of my hens up in the door one evening just recently. I had opened the door because we had had a nice day, and when they went in to roost had jump up onto the top of the door and when I went in to shut everyone up didn't look up there thank goodness the pine shaving kept the door from closing or I would have had some hurt girls..
My little rooster had an injured leg a while back. I was so afraid he would have to be put down. I brought him in and put him in a large dag crate where he stayed for a week. He was NOT happy! He would start trying to hop around everytime someone went in the room so I only went in to give food and water and a very quick clean up. Did I mention he was NOT happy? At the end of the week he was fine.
I hope your girl recovers as well.
Today chicky boo seems to be a little better. She laid me an egg this morning and was using the bad foot to scratch in the cage. Its not curling under as much as yesterday. She ate some scrambled egg today and I gave her electorlyte/vitamin water which she drank good. I'm gonna keep her in all week. I did notice that her leg is a little swollen at the top of her foot, so I gave her a good soak. Thanks for the support

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