Chicken losing feathers

Jun 29, 2019
Our 17 week old chicken is losing feathers. It keeps digging and lying on the ground. Another chicken keeps following it and lays down with it while and kind of nudges it over. I saw a couple Guineas and Chickens picking at the area. Should I be concerned. I'm new to this. First flock. Had them since 1 day old. I attached a pic of it laying down and standing up.

Thank you for your help

Digging and dust bathing is normal behavior to keep themselves free from parasites. Have a look at the skin all over, and especially between the legs under the vent for any tiny bugs such as lice or mites. Some mites only come on them at night. Look for any wounds from pecking or scratching. Other chickens may pick out feathers, and she can also do that to herself if something is irritating her. Here is an article about how lice and mites may appear:
Have to agree do not worry and lost feathers how old are they molting at 18 months is normal then every 12 to 18 months rest of their lives cannot lay eggs in that time frame new birds ? different mold time you hope seems not as they ted to molt with the others if just a few months different ages
If it doesn’t seem to be feather loss from pecking or molting, and the skin appears rough of scabby underneath, post more pictures. There can be skin infections or other causes for scabs or rough areas.

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