Chicken lost voice?


5 Years
Sep 15, 2014
Monroe, WA
I just noticed one of my 6 chickens appears to be immobile and when she tries to squawk nothing comes out but air. She was fine yesterday and she was like this when I got home from work. It's almost their bed time so I guess I'll wait and see if she goes in the coop with the others. If she doesn't, not sure what to do, if I should try picking her up and putting her in there or if I should separate her from the others.

I posted a video of what she's doing.

Anyone have any recommendations? I'm pretty new to chickens. I just moved into a house that already had them and have only been here a few months.

Try giving putting a small dose of apple sider vinager in the water, and check for gape worms. The gape worms shouldn't be a problem, just giver her some wormer. Good luck

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