Chicken Lover Stuck in the City


9 Years
Feb 5, 2013
Hello everyone! I've been with Backyard Chickens for a while but never introduced myself. I used to have property in 'the sticks' but fell in love with a city man and we live in town now. I have a third of an acre in Florida, and 2 'stealth' chickens as we are not allowed them here. I also have a house chicken and raise coturnix quail, and some parakeets that were unexpectedly left for me. And two dogs. And a loving husband. And two grandkids who visit frequently. I have a lot of gardens and am trying to create a 'food forest', although I'm running out of sunny spots! We are retired, but once a week I lead an art group at a local mental health center. I am an artist, working in almost all media, but I also love to do crafts and needlework. I used to sing a lot, but I have asthma now and my voice cracks too much. So I sing to the animals now. It's a mostly wonderful life.


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