Chicken making loud wheezing sound. Worried. Please help.


Apr 20, 2018
San Jose, CA
my Cream Legbar started making a weird loud sound since late afternoon. It sounds like a dog toy getting stepped on. I tried to include a video, but it wouldn’t let me

My husband heard chicken commotion coming from the coop. She was freaking out over something and stirring the others up.

My husband looked and didn’t see anything. He said the chickens calmed down but she was still making noise. Then she went into nesting box and laid an egg.

Hours later my son came calling for me saying that she was making a weird noise. I went back and she was making that loud weird sound. Which makes a sound every time she breathes. I looked her up and down and checked her vent, her stomach, her nose and down her throat. Everything seem normal. She’s even eating and acting normal.

Then I saw a wasp in the run. I’m thinking maybe she got stung is having an allergic reaction. So I checked her one more time to see if she had any swelling from the sting. Nothing. I treated her with chilren’s Benadryl (1/2 cc) no Changes in the sound or behavior.

Anyone else have experience with this? I’m really worried about her.
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That could be the “egg laying song”

Go to u tube and look it up ,
My Rhode Island’s could wake the dead at laying time .... congratulations
She could be having stridor. That can be a high oitched wheezing sound during breathing in and out, and can be from having a piece of food, mucus, or swollen tissue in the airway. It sometimes clears after an hour or so if they cough, but it can also be from a respiratory infection. You can post a video to YouTube with a link here. Here is another person’s video of stridor (fast forward to 36 seconds to hear it)


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