Chicken making odd noise, sounds like a breathing problem


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Jun 9, 2018

Our three-year-old hen has been making this sound for hours now. Sounds like her breathing is raspy. She's walking around but keeping apart some from the other chickens. Any ideas on what it might be? Thanks much.

UPDATE: My husband noticed that it had stopped. She ate some mealworms out of my hand and then it started again, though only lasted for a few minutes. It's like food is getting stuck somewhere?
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Sounds like stridor. That happens from a partial blockage in the airway, could be food or other object stuck, or possibly swelling from a respiratory infection. I've had birds do it more when it's hot out, so dehydration may make it worse. Most of the time, if it's food, it will clear up on it's own in a couple of hours, once they cough it up or clear it. I had one older bird that would do this on really hot days, I would bring her into the air conditioning til it stopped, and then she'd be fine.
Here is another thread: see video in post #1, and then post #4
Thanks so much! I read the other thread, and the video does sound like the same noise our girl as making. We'll keep a close eye on her, especially since temperatures are headed for the high 80s on Tuesday. Thanks again.

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