Chicken Math Explosion (warmth birds?)

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    My wife and I decided that it would be a good idea to raise a flock of layers for the delicious and nutritious eggs, along with the added benefit of having a few feathered friends to share our acreage with us. I being the studious husband look into several options to purchase baby chicks. I settled on using ideal hatchery mainly because of how close they were to me, I figured one state away would be an easier trip on the little gals than ordering from across the country.
    Now is where the chicken math starts. I ordered a total of 14 pullets and 1 rooster (2- Buff Minorcas, 4- Black Australorps, 4- Ideal 236, 4- Leghorns and 1- Leghorn rooster). My math seemed sound, I have ample room for all our new friends to roam and be very happy. I raised chickens when i was younger and I even factored in for some possible deaths because from what i remembered from my earlier experience, baby chicks are frail.
    My order was placed and chicks were shipped. A day and a half later i receive a call from my postal carrier telling me he has some birds for me. I go to pick up my little package of 15 bouncing baby chicks. Much to my surprise, when I open my little box chicks pop out of this box like fresh popcorn. The box is jammed full of chicks. Final count is 27.
    It seems I missed the line about the warmth chicks being added to the shipment, but no problem once again I have ample room for a large flock of cheerful little chicks.
    Before i turn this thread into a Novel, I will fast forward 5 weeks buff minorcas.jpg australorp surprise.jpg leghorns.jpg brahma flock.jpg
    Turns out that one of the Australorps is a Barred Rock that appears to be a ROO, I didn't receive the 4 Ideal 236 pullets but in there place i received Light Brahmas. and all of the warmth birds... Light Brahmas TOO.
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    :frow :celebrate :welcome
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    LOL that is some explosion! Though, who am I to talk, in the almost 2 years since I got started with birds, we've gone from 7 to 99 (and I have more eggs in the incubator).

    The most extra birds I've gotten was 2.

    From everything I've heard, Light Brahmas are lovely birds. If you don't intend to keep them all, you could probably find homes for them easily.

    At first, I didn't want any feather footed birds, but in my first shipment of chicks, I got a chick that turned out to be the Standard Black Cochin in my avatar. He does a fairly good job staying clean.

    Best of luck with your birds!
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    Welcome to Backyard Chickens you do have one heck of allot of
    birds on your hands you do not say where your located but stick an add up at your local feed store if you want to place any or butcher all the extra
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    That is a lot of new friends! Welcome to the site and I hope you enjoy :)
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    I'm guessing they are standard size Brahmas - BOY do they get big!!
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    yes, and bossy things too
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