Chicken math, lot size, and coop size.

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    Chicken math has already set in, even before the chicks were ordered. Initially, my chicken partner and I were going to have 5 chickens. We wanted 4 hens and a roo, just for eggs for us. Then, upon doing research, we decided that maybe 25 was a good number. 20 hens, and 5 Roos. That way we could account for some attrition.

    My partner, who has been doing the fencing, is working on a 100x150 foot lot. According to the interwebs (where everything is totally credible, haha), the optimal amount of "grazing" space per chicken is 87.5 feet. So chicken math struck again, and my partner said.... What about 75 chickens?

    With my eyes watering at the thoughts of 75 chickens, and their eggs, and their poo.... I started thinking about the chicken house, and how on earth we were going to provide for so many, and keep them happy and healthy. Surely 15,000 square feet of space would be enough to keep them entrained...and maybe be enough space that the entire lot wouldn't turn to mud? And a 400 sq. ft. Chicken house... The mind boggled.

    After some serious discussion, and making verbal lists of pros and cons, the chicken math once again came back to the much more reasonable 25 chickens. So, I have started doing a little plotting and planning for the building of an 8x12 chicken house. I've spent hours browsing the threads here, and (almost) drooling over some of the coops I've seen.

    My questions are these. With such a large amount of space, is it possible that the chickens will manage to keep at least a little grass in the lot, or will it turn into a moonscape? And is an 8x12 hen house an acceptable size? Also, a quick question that probably belongs in a different thread, for 25 chickens, what is the optimal hen/roo ratio?
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