Chicken Math Strikes Again - I'm allowed to get more chicks!

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by sayga, Mar 20, 2015.

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    Mar 31, 2013
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    Disclaimer: My husband didn't exactly love chickens when I wanted to get some, so when I say he "allows" me to get chickens, I mean that we discussed it and came to an agreement, and by "not allowed" I mean that I am sticking to my side of our agreement.

    In our city, we can legally have up to 50 chickens. My husband and I both agree that 50 is too many for the size of yard we have and the work it will take to keep that many chickens out of our vegetable garden area, which is also important to us. I've been wanting to draw the line at 20; where he was happy to have 0-5. Recently we decided that I could have 10 adults and a various number of chicks, but 10 was our max. Our chicks are becoming adults and right now we have 11 birds total (8 laying; 3 should start any day).

    My husband has suddenly discovered the joy of taking our eggs to work and giving them to coworkers, and even though we are getting 4-7 eggs a day, he is finding that's too slow for the amount he'd like to gift to people. Today he told me I could have up to 15 adults!

    That's another 4 chicks! The store I get my chicks from just got a new shipment today. Well, of course not all babies survive and not all sexed pullets are actually female, so I think I will get 6 chicks and hope that 4 make it to adulthood. Actually *I* hope all of them do, but I'll explain to my husband that the likely number is 4. :) Chicken math at work.

    A local feed store apparently has Welsummers, and I'm going to check them out on my way home. If they really do have them, I'll get one or two of those before going to the other store with the kids and picking up the rest of the babies there.

    Our current flock is:
    3 Rhode Island Reds
    3 young ameraucanas (pure bred, not from a feed store)
    2 silver laced wyandottes
    1 Polish
    1 Easter Egger
    1 Dark Brahma (she's huge and fluffy; an awesome chicken!)

    We will likely get 2 Welsummers, a gold spangled hamburg, a silver spangled hamburg, a partridge wyandotte and a white cochin.

    I'm thinking about turkeys too, but I need to research housing for them first. I don't have a separate coop or run for another species and am not going to build one. I'd love a home-raised Thanksgiving turkey, but if I have to build a coop for it, I am not saving any money!
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    [​IMG] they are addictive aren't they?? I love my Welsummers, they lay beautiful brown, speckled eggs.
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    Chicken math isn't just for us crazy chicken people either. I sent my Mom to her local fed store as they are the only ones who have Marans this year. I asked her to pick me up one dozen. They would only sell her 6 as they are in such demand. So she bought me.....
    6 Maran pullets
    6 straight run silkies
    4 silver laced giant Cochins pullets
    4 Sicilian buttercups pullets
    2 buff Orpington pullets
    2 buff brahmas pullets
    2 Ancona pullets

    The receipt said 4 lakenvelder cocks on it, so I had to call and they informed me they rang her up wrong and they where silver laced giant Cochins.
    Lesson learned, DO NOT SEND MOM TO BUY CHICKS. Bwahahaha!!!
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  4. sayga

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    Mar 31, 2013
    Portland, Oregon
    That's hilarious. What she brought home is a lot different than 12 marans... I want a Black Copper Marans but I really only want 1, and I always seem to have other chicks the wrong age when I manage to find Marans in my area for sale.
  5. sayga

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    Mar 31, 2013
    Portland, Oregon
    Oh, I know selfies are kind of silly but I was a bit embarrassed that I wanted to be holding ALL THE CHICKS and have my picture taken, so I just did a selfie. I've got a partridge Wyandotte and a Gold Spangled Hamburg on my right shoulder, a white crested Polish and a white cochin on my left shoulder, and a Silver Spangled Hamburg and a Delaware in my hand.

    The other store didn't have Welsummers, so I only chose chicks from one location, and got these little ones. The Polish was sexed too! Last time I got Polish, they came straight run and I wound up with a rooster named Princess Celestia. :)
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  6. MamaRudey

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    They do seem rather hard to find.

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