Chicken math strikes again?

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10 Years
Mar 11, 2013
Ontario, Canada
So last week my hubby and I picked up our order of 6 Orlopp Bronze day-old poults. They are all doing well and have managed to locate their feed and water dispensers. I'm giving them apple cider vinegar in their water and all seems well.
What I would seriously like to know is this:
How did we go from having four hens and a rooster and "maybe a few turkeys" to our current situation?
5 chicks (mixed, Speckled Sussex, and EE)
9 Narragansett turkey eggs in the bator
16 Ringneck pheasant eggs in the bator
16 chicken eggs in the bator (RIRx, Australorp, and Gold Laced Wyandottes)
12 chicks on order (Barred Rock, Silver Laced Wyandottes, and EEs)
24 chicken hatching eggs on order (EEs and Welsummers)
12 more turkey eggs on order (Beltsville Small White this time)
and we're picking up about 6 Speckled Sussex chicks on Sunday.

You know, that means I'm going to have potentially 111 birds by June.
YOu know, I always laugh at the "chicken math" threads. But I am a victim myself.
We don't even live on a farm - we live in town. Albeit a small, extremely rural one ( a village in SE alaska) but still.
We ordered 6 of each of ancona, australorp, red, and black sex link. Then an extra one to make the 25 minimum. They gave us an extra red star and our freebie.
11 died.
Hubby wrote down the wrong numbers and wrong breeds, and so I ended up reporting and getting replaced 4 red star, 4 australorp, 2 ancona and 2 black star, and the one golden polish. Of course this time, only three died. Oops.
As if that wasn't enough, they sent 5 packing peanuts. Cocks, of course.
Now that Ive been on BYC I am desperately searching for an incubator so I can get some more breeds. And ducks.
Plus I am going to get a few more babies from the feed store in Juneau in May.
And here we are, in a rented house, in town. YIKES>

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