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    Jan 9, 2012
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    Saturday we all (Hubby, 4 kids, and I) drove an hour to buy a dozen or so Blue Copper Marans hatching eggs. The lady was very nice and had managed to save 19 eggs for us. Well, once we were there and looking around I couldn't resist getting just a few more. I'm still not sure how it happened. I took the 31 EE eggs I had been saving for my next hatch, just in case she wanted to trade. So I traded those for 31 New Hampshire eggs. Then I was sucked in by the smallest chicken breed in the world (which also happen to be kind of rare and expensive) so I bought the 2 Serama eggs she had. The odds are against me getting a male and a female out of just 2 eggs but I'm crossing my fingers. If I do get lucky I will have breeding stock to sell the babies to 4H kids or people who collect tiny, useless chickens, if not, well...I'll just sell them. Finally, the egg lady threw in 5 quail eggs for free. So 12 turned into 19, turned into 50, turned into 52, turned into 57. That is chicken math at it's finest.

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    I've always wondered if people who live in apartments/condos that allow birds but don't allow dogs or cats, if they secretly have hens (Sebrights, Seramas, OEGB) that they put in large parrot cages and pass off as exotic birds...
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    My husband and I bought 5 silkie chicks in October. He was the one who wanted chickens and I really didnt want them. i said I want some cute chickens to make it worth it for me (this is where the silkies came in). After him building a huge coop, we received 3 Rhode Island reds. I fell in love with the chickens more then I expected and I keep asking him now for more. I am looking to get some Barred Rocks next. He laughed at me when I told him this and tols me I have to read about chicken math and I fins this pretty funny that I'm not the only one. Never thought I would love my chickens soo much!

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