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Chicken mites, O yes, I do not speak as the scribe and ... but as one having authority

Discussion in 'Emergencies / Diseases / Injuries and Cures' started by CB3fish, Feb 4, 2016.

  1. CB3fish

    CB3fish Out Of The Brooder

    May 22, 2014
    I share this saga with the hope it will help someone and they will not have to repeat the errors. I grew up on a farm in Michigan (I am over 80 years now) ; we had many chickens of various varieties or breeds. They dusted themselves and controlled any bugs.
    I live in S. Florida. In 20014, I bought 6 Rhode Island chicks and raised them. They dusted and that apparently solved any problem. In August 2015, I bought 5 chicks and raised them. I would pick them up, put them in an larger pen for the day to eat grass what ever, the pen was movable and had complete covering to protect from hawks etc. I did this daily until 4 months old.
    In that process, I contacted chicken mites. For days, I scratched, had poor nights scratching often. I saw a dermatologist who prescribed a prescription, which he had a pharmacist mix up; it was to alleviate itching.
    He took some biopsy's and declared it was Grover's disease, which has no known cause and is incurable! Can you imagine my state of mind. After what could have been weeks!! I saw a bug go across my cell phone screen and thought this phone carried bugs all the way from China! It seemed to come out of the crevice surrounding the screen! Then I saw some crawling on my thumb and knew I had bugs but not what kind. For some time I had felt some thing crawling on my skin, but could never find anything and the DR said with what was causing my itching could be causing the skin to send that message! So on and on it went until I found them on my thumb. I managed to catch three or four and put them in white pot shaped jar, I took them to my primary care Dr. walking in without an appointment, I showed them to the head nurse and she said we will see you now!! The Dr. looked at them and said I do not know what they are but I think they are some kind of mite. He prescribed Permethrin Cream, 5 %. I was to put it on before bed from neck to bottom of ones feet, with care to put it between toes, the info on the cream said it could be kept on for 14 hours, well I left it on for 17 hours and showered. Still the mites appeared, I called and got a second prescription and the next night repeated the treatment, I also bought Rid (my own idea) a shampoo to kill head lice; it had no effect, I still found more mites!! It was Christmas and the DR. offices were closed. So I went to a medical walk in clinic and met a Dr who looked at the mites and said the Permethrin cream may not solve your problem, this condition could go on for weeks or months. He was upset I had used it two nights in succession, it was a dangerous cream and said he would only give me a prescription if I promised not to use it until after more than five days!! It has bad side effects as well.
    I went to the Internet and googled mites, I read all kinds of ideas. One solution was Kleen Green, an Enzyme solution, I called and ordered it; it arrive in 24 hours. one tip I read, was to put my clothes in the micro wave, I found 3 mites on my white tee shirt and put it in the microwave, for 10 seconds; no, the mites were still alive, I increased the time to 30 second, still alive and them I put it in for 50 seconds, no effect, for 1 minute, no effect, 1 minute, 50 seconds and my shirt caught on fire! It was not funny!
    I prayed asking God to show me what to do; I had a vision of a chicken taking a dust bath, I thought well I am not going to put dirt all over my body, but what dust could I use. Johnson's baby powder came to mind, (I give the Lord credit for this idea as well) I had some, and that night I poured all I could get on my body from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet, face and all. I looked in the mirror and laughed, I looked like a ghost and thought if any one breaks in tonight they will run away. I poured in on a tee shirt and under wear and patted it in and wore that and poured it all over the pillow. The next day I examined the under garments, I could see no mites but maybe they were now white as well. Later I saw 3 on my arm and put the Johnsons powder on them, waited 15 minutes and wiped it off checking, two mites were dead, one was alive!! The Kleen Green liquid arrived. I took a soaking bath in it for 20 minutes and shampooed my hair with it, put on the Johnsons powder everywhere including tee shirt and short and went to bed, I found no mites, repeated the same treatment the next night, no mites. Yes, I washed all clothes, sheets, pillows, blankets and sprayed my furniture, DAILY all were washed (except pillows, these washed once). While this was going on, I went back to dermatologist, I supplied him a mite, putting it under the microscope, it was horrible looking, he did not know what it was, nor his DR. partner! Googling mites, the screen came up with pictures and there it was, a chicken mite! He prescribed no treatment; He said he would get back to me and did not do so for over a week, he gave me no solution, I found it myself and treated my self. He never did suggest a treatment.
    If you have itching and a rash like result, you might try Kleen Green it is a natural enzyme. www. naturalginesis.com. No I have no connection with it, just tried it and it did kill all the mites which were living and reproducing in my hair, but also all over my body. I saw the babies and the adults. When people say chicken mites will not live on people refer them to me.
  2. ChickNanny13

    ChickNanny13 Chillin' With My Peeps

    Jun 23, 2013
    Hilo, HI
    Wow, thanks for sharing...
  3. CB3fish

    CB3fish Out Of The Brooder

    May 22, 2014
    An addendum to what I shared. I deloused my chickens via a video I saw on U tube about how to do it (I wore long sleeved shirt and long goves, goggles and a face mask, covering the chickens head) and I spayed my hive with a chemical I got at the chicken food store. So far it looks good.

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