Chicken Names?


11 Years
Jan 8, 2012
Fairbanks, alaska
We have a production red and a mystery chicken (might be a production red cross) who need names and we cant think of are some Pics:
This first one is of our production red

This second one is of our mystery chicken
The first one looks like a rust bucket- a real old hard working production machine with no frills, one that just keeps on running for years. Rusty?
The mystery chicken has a color like a Red Dawn, but that brings up thoughts of the movie by that name. He/she is really stretching out to reach something, like a stretch limousine. Limo?
That first one should be named after that one red-headed girl in that one movie that you like to watch over and over again.

The second little lady should be named after that red-headed princess or queen that ruled that one country across the sea many years ago.

Or Ruby
Or Belle
Or Lucy
Or Rose
Or Poppy

They're both pretty girls.
Hah, you know the first thing that popped into my head when I saw them? A copper cathode. I know I'd be silly and call them Cathode and Anode. But then again, I'd love to name a dog Tesla or Nikola after the famous scientist :D

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