Chicken needs a bath!!! Help!!


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Jul 23, 2010
My 8 month old silkie is filthy!! She's so muddy and it's dried on her! How does one clean a chicken? Yes this is no joke. I really want to know. She has got to be uncomforable with all that dried mud. How do they clean a chicken for show?
We have washed hens in warm soapy water. The soap was puppy shampoo. We used the puppy flea shampoo to help repel insects. After gently swishing them on the tub of soapy water we rinsed them in clean warm water a few times then just wrapped them in a towel & blotted them dry, no rubbing or you'll mess the feathers. I have read not to wash right before showing. All of the chickens we have washed seemed to enjoy it! i was surprised to discover they float.
The only cleaning before showing with 4H was some mineral oil on there combs and legs.
I use children's bubble-bath soaking liquid, "no tears" formula. It doesn't necessarily require rinsing. It does a good job on delicate feathers.
It is easier than you think if you have never done it. I was scared to death the first time.
But no big deal. Mine are very calm and it is like I have to hold them up in the water or they would just let themselves go under.
I fill a plastic tub with warm water in the tub and Bonners peppermint soap and put them down in, swish around gently and my daughter works on any thing stuck in their feathers.Spray them with warm water using the hand held shower head. We use a small soft brush on their feet. Wrap them in a towel, hold a blow dryer above them for awhile. Then they get to stay in a rabbit cage near the woodstove till they are very dry. They seem to love it.
Good Luck
I gave one of our Favorells a bath using Dawn dishwasing soap. It was really cold out, so I ended up blowdrying her
I used the diffuser on the blowdryer and set it on low. It took a while (quite a while, actually), but it was so funny. She absolutely loved it! She just sat there the whole time, cooing away. She actually fell asleep a couple of times. We were laughing so hard. Now she keeps trying to follow us into the house any chance she gets. I guess she just wants to be a diva.
Thanks for asking this question and thanks to lizardz for saying she washed her Faverolles. Our Fav, Bubbles, needs a bath desperately - dirty feet, dirty face and poopy butt. I was very uneasy about giving her a bath but is sounds like it's really no big deal at all. And she's so mellow and easy going. I'll use a non-harsh natural soap since she has no feathers on her back or head (thanks to an overzealous rooster) and I don't want her skin to dry out. I'll make sure she's really dry before putting her coat back on her and going outside.

Thank you!

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