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    I have a chicken thats very big in the bottom chest area. she is having a very hard time walking around. She is LOW to the ground?
    I have felt that area and it is soft and Huge (like a soft ball) there but not Hard?
    She eats and drinks ok, but stays in one place in the yard and doesnt get up unless the rooster moves her...
    She cakes up in the butt area but not enough to block anything...I dont know if she is laying any Eggs..
    I put her in a her own cage and am giving her Antibiotics in the water and check her all over everynight.
    Please! do you know what it is a can do to help her remove it or bring it down in size ???

    thank you!
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    [​IMG] I wish it were under better circumstances. [​IMG]

    It sounds like she could be eggbound. Put "eggbound" in the search box and you will find a lot of information and treatment options. [​IMG] I hope she recovers.
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