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Hi all,

I have a few questions that I would love to ask you experienced Chicken lovers.

1. What is the deep liter method?
2. So it seems that Road base sand/mason sand/ #4 sand is the best for the run. Do you also place diatomaceious earth in the run as well?
3. Pine needles are best for the henhouse correct? Do you also place DE in the henhouse?
4. So it seems people don't leave their chickens in the run overnight. What if you are going away for the weekend.
5. If you were to bury the hardwire 15 inches underground and skit it out 6 inches can I still leave the chickens free to use the run at night or during the day when I am not home. I work late sometimes and don't get home until after dark.
6. On the weekends I thougt about letting the chickens run my property freely, but I have a few concerns. I have a veg garden that is not raised or fenced. Will the chickens eat my strawberries, tomatoes, peaches etc? What about a built in pool, would they possibly end up in the pool? it is not fenced in.

Thanks for your help.

I am finalizing my chicken coop design based on the research from this great website and everyones comments.

PS I don't have chickens yet but I am planning on filling the house next spring.
I don't usually lock up my coop until close to dark or after dark. My chickens that occupy that coop are already in bed (roosting). They automatically go to bed on their own.

My temporary coop is fenced in (not well) and my chickens roost in a formerly-used rabbit hutch. I don't "lock" that up at night other than shutting the gate to the run as I free-range those chickens most of the day. They don't get up during the night and use their run.

I'm still a newbie too. If you use the Search function on top, that silkiechicken mentioned, you'll find answers to all of your questions... and many you didn't know you had!

Good luck and welcome!

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